Driving Life Innovation Company
Based on Connecting Technology
Coikosity Commercializes Connected Car Solutions
for FUTURE MOBILITY Environment


Uses solutions to deliver new experiences and
benefits to connect all vehicles on earth


Following solutions and services are
developed to achieve our vision

The device connected to car which collects drive data and status data. We are making and selling various devices such as CASTELLA, CAN.D
Watch Mile
Until you arrive at the destination and park a car,
Our service WATCH MILE manages last mile.
It is possible to use navigation in parking lot and
visualize 3D parking lot floor plan
The best solution to manage electric cars.
This APP enables electric car drivers to
easily check locations of charging station,
status of car, and battery status/temparature.
3D Visualization solution which shows real time
location and movement of the car on the road.
It is used for managing multiple cars like
corporation vehicles.

Utilize IoT and AI combined technologies to develop solutions
that take the lead in the future mobility environment

High Precision Positioning Technology

Precise positioning technology that measures vehicle speed by the centimeter

Big Data Processing Technology

Technology that extracts and processes various databases collected from vehicles

IoT Technology

Technology that sends and receives signals between objects and responds organically within the solution

Computer Vision &
Machine Learning Technology

Machine Learning technology using Computer Vision to calculate meaningful algorithms

Flexible Application Software Development Technology

Provide flexible development services such as customized systems or existing system applications

Blockchain Technology

Provide services related to Blockchain Technology built on top of Hyperledger and Ethereum Frameworks.


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